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Roger Brumley

Director of Missions

Roger and Pam Brumley met at Central State University (now University of Central Oklahoma) in Edmond, OK. They have been married since 1980. They have three grown children all married and in ministry; they also currently have seven grandchildren. Roger has been in ministry for over 40 years; Christian School Supervisor/Teacher/Coach, Student Pastor, Student/Evangelism Pastor, Student/College Pastor, Senior Pastor, and currently Director of Missions. He has been on multiple home and international mission trips; Mexico, Yucatan, Thailand, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, and Gambia. He has lead conferences and seminars on Marriage, Parenting, Student Ministry, Evangelism, Missions, Discipleship, and Reaching the Generations as well as being Camp Pastor for several Children and Youth Camps. Pam also has lead multiple Women’s Conferences and Seminars as a Worship Leader and Speaker. Roger and Pam are both active in Disaster Relief. Roger also is involved with Resound Network and Mentoring Men.

Email me: dom.sjba@gmail.com

Paul Damery

Campus Missionary

Email me: mwsuchallenge@gmail.com

Jodi Duncan

Administrative Assistant

Email me: jodi.sjba@gmail.com

Debora Conyers

Financial Assistant

Email me: debbie.sjba@gmail.com

SJBA Associational Officers

PositionOfficerTerm Expires
PresidentJeremiah Bradford2022
Vice PresidentDavid Gouge2022
Clerk/HistorianNancy Staley2022
TreasurerLynn King2022
Assist. TreasurerJan Evans2022

Administrative Leadership Team

PresidentJeremiah Bradford
Vice PresidentDavid Gouge
Clerk/HistorianNancy Staley
TreasurerLynn King
Director of MissionsRoger Brumley
Campus MissionaryPaul Damery
Finance ChairmanBarbara Johnson
Nominating ChairmanJames Kerns
Church Ldrshp & Spiritual Devlpmnt
Church Planting & Revitalization
Fellowship & PartnershipJohnny Williams
Missions & MinistryJeremiah Bradford
Student MinistryJesse Fisher

Administrative Committees

Chairman Elected for 1 year Term, Member Elected for 3 year Term

CommitteePosition MemberTerm Expires
Annual Meeting CommitteeChairmanChad Crooks2022
MemberChad Crooks2024
MemberRandy Harr2024
MemberTyler Bridges2022
MemberDebbie Long2022
MemberJason Abbott2023
Auditing CommitteeChairmanShelly Dreier2022
MemberShelly Dreier2022
MemberDavid Gouge2024
MemberScott Pendleton2024
Finance CommitteeChairmanBarbara Johnson2022
MemberDavid Mason2022
MemberBarbara Johnson2023
MemberCorey Whorton2023
MemberLynn King2024
MemberCyndee Longe2024
Nominating CommitteeChairmanJames Kerns2022
MemberMonty Fleenor2022
MemberJames Kerns2023
MemberAllan Lane2023
MemberSteve Noyes2024
MemberRuth Anne Bush2024
MemberTim Waters2024

Associational Leadership Teams

Team Leaders elected for 1 year Term, Member elected for 2 year Term

Church Ldrshp & Spiritual DevlpmntTeam LeaderOpen2022
Member SWJason Shipley2023
Member NWOpen2023
Member SEJon Denney2023
Member NEOpen2023
Church Planting & RevitalizationTeam LeaderOpen2022
Member NWTom Wilson2023
Member NEDavid Long2023
Member SWKevin Griffin2023
Member SEKyle Kormeier2023
Fellowship & PartnershipTeamLeaderJohnny Williams2022
Member NWJohnny Williams2023
Member NEGreg Dixon2023
Member SWJames Kerns2023
Member SEKen Lewis2023
Missions & MinistryTeam LeaderJeremiah Bradford2022
Member NWAllan Lane2023
Member NEJerald Holcomb2023
Member SWJeremiah Bradford2023
Member SEJeff Smith2023
Student MinistryTeam LeaderJesse Fisher2022
MemberKyle Bridgman2023
MemberPaul Damery2023
MemberChris Ellis2023

Auxiliary Committees

Elected for 3 year Term

Grand Oaks BoardDOMRoger Brumley
MemberPam Brumley2022
MemberGary Dean2022
MemberDavid Long2022
MemberChris Ellis2023
MemberCarl Sampsel2023
MemberMary Shoemaker2023
MemberRuth Anne Bush2024
MemberSusy Jaggars2024
MemberAllan Lane2024
Womens Ministry/ WMULeaderPam Brumley2023
SJBA Prayer CoordinatorLeaderTyler Bridges2023